Bronmed: Bekendstelling

Bronmed: Bekendstelling

Ons skop 2019 goed af met die bekendstelling van ons 6de La Vie Care sentrum – La Vie Care Bronmed Op 10 Januarie 2019 het ons bekend gemaak dat ons die fasiliteit by Unique Health gaan oorneem. Bronmed gaan wel eers amptelik in Februarie begin. La Vie Care is al 27 jaar in die bedryf, met […]

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Diabetic Snacks at Nortmed

Northmed: Diabetes Awareness Day

On the 14th of November we at La Vie Care Northmed had an open day/Diabetes Awareness Day. Physiotherapist Michela Poulter shared a very insightful presentation with us about how you should take care of your body by engaging in regular exercise and maintaining a healthy balanced diet. We also had our guests take a BP and blood […]

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La Vie Care Team

CSi Irene Farm Race

We support well-being. This past weekend our La Vie Care members were armed and ready to hand out refreshments at the CSI Irene Farm Race and it’s safe to say that we had a blast! At La Vie Care we are passionate about the well-being of people and we look forward to supporting this initiative in the […]

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Odelle’s Road to Independence

By Helena Minnie, Lynnmed Clinic Manager Working at a sub-acute clinic was totally new to me, as this was my introduction into the medical world. We see a lot of patients being submitted and later leaving for home again, in a better position than before, and in my short time here there are a few […]

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A visit from the pupils of Sutherland High School

A group of pupils from Sutherland High School came and handed out cookies to our residents on 24 May 2018, La Vie Care @ Elmed. The residents really appreciated the pupils doing it as an act of goodwill. We would like to Paolo and his team for coming and put a smile on our residents […]

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Wellness Week 2018 @ La Vie Care@ Elmed

During the week of 16 – 20 April 2018, we held a Wellness Week at Elmed for the residents of the Eldoraigne Retirement Estate. Critical Care911 gave the residents useful tips. Dr Mariët van Niekerk (Neurologist) gave an insightful talk regarding Alzheimer & Dementia. We also had the Occupational Therapists (Liesel & Marike) and the […]

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Occupational Therapy session with the students of University of Pretoria

The students of the University of Pretoria’s Occupational Therapy Department, came to visit Oosmed to do their practical hours. The residents as well as the students enjoyed it. Thank you for spending time with our residents.  

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Spring Walk at Oosmed

On Saturday, 2 September 2017, we held our annual Spring Walk at Oosmed. Unfortunately it was very windy and we couldn’t take all our residents out for the walk. Some however, with the residents of the Village did do the walk and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for everyone participating to make it a special […]

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Our first Spring Walk at Elmed

On Friday, 1 September 2017 we had our first Spring Walk at Elmed. The excitement was electrifying in the Frail Care as our residents had a hearty breakfast before the Spring Walk. Residents of the Estate joined us as well. There were more or less 60 people participating in the Spring Walk. The residents really […]

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Tea Garden Party

Knowing that winter is around the corner, it is sure a good idea to use the wonderful sunny days available. 16 March 2017 was a perfect day for a nice Tea Garden party at our facility in Eldoraigne. We had a lovely time with residents, Estate-residents, friends and family. Thank you for making the day special […]

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