Occupational Therapy session with the students of University of Pretoria

The students of the University of Pretoria’s Occupational Therapy Department, came to visit Oosmed to do their practical hours. The residents as well as the students enjoyed it. Thank you for spending time with our residents.  

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Spring Walk at Oosmed

On Saturday, 2 September 2017, we held our annual Spring Walk at Oosmed. Unfortunately it was very windy and we couldn’t take all our residents out for the walk. Some however, with the residents of the Village did do the walk and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for everyone participating to make it a special […]

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Our first Spring Walk at Elmed

On Friday, 1 September 2017 we had our first Spring Walk at Elmed. The excitement was electrifying in the Frail Care as our residents had a hearty breakfast before the Spring Walk. Residents of the Estate joined us as well. There were more or less 60 people participating in the Spring Walk. The residents really […]

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Tea Garden Party

Knowing that winter is around the corner, it is sure a good idea to use the wonderful sunny days available. 16 March 2017 was a perfect day for a nice Tea Garden party at our facility in Eldoraigne. We had a lovely time with residents, Estate-residents, friends and family. Thank you for making the day special […]

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Valentine’s Day @ Elmed

We had such a great and fun morning with Chris Coetzer and Greunen. They sang old classic ballads to modern songs. Our residents enjoyed it so much. Our workers even pitched in for a quick dance session on classic songs. Our residents also received roses from Chris and Greunen, and the smiles on the faces […]

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Oosmed Paws for People 01

Paws for People at Oosmed

It was again a tremendous joy to have Paws for People visiting our residents at our Oosmed Frail Care facility. On Friday, 1 July 2016, our four-legged friends entertained our residents with smart tricks and even a song. We just want to thank Lesley and her team for the great work that they are doing. […]

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Dr Elma Kruger Giving a Talk

Go Turquoise 4 the Elderly

La Vie Care has been supporting the Go Turquoise 4 the Elderly campaign, which ran from International Family Day (15 May) to World Elderly Abuse Awareness Day (15 June). In South Africa, the Older Persons Act, Act 13 of 2006 places specific focus on the role communities should play in ensuring the wellness of the elderly. However, our local […]

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Gait re-education with Physiotherapists at Lynnmed Clinic 00

Neuro-Rehabilitation after a Stroke

Welcome! Welcome to the Lynnmed Clinic’s quarterly newsletter. In this issue, we discuss neurological rehabilitation after the event of a stroke. You can download the full newsletter here. Definition What is a Stroke? According to the Mayo Clinic: “A stroke occurs when the blood supply to part of your brain is interrupted or severely reduced, depriving […]

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Gait re-education with physiotherapist after lumbar surgery

Rehabilitation after Spine Surgery

Welcome to our First Newsletter! Spine surgery is a major undertaking and rehabilitation is important in helping patient’s get the most possible benefit from their surgery. Essentially, rehabilitation can help patients recover from surgery as quickly and completely as possible. Lynnmed Clinic ensures all of a patient’s needs are taken care of with a full […]

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A Night at the Movies

As part of La Vie Care’s overall well-being programme, we arrange entertainment events for our residents on regular occasions. Recently, we had a proper night at the movies complete with a Cowie film  and popcorn. The night was a huge success and one we shall be repeating on a regular basis.

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