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The holidays are a time for joy, connection, and celebration. They’re especially meaningful for seniors who have cherished memories and traditions they hold dear. However, with age, physical limitations, or living arrangements, the festive spirit might need a little boost.

Here are 20 festive holiday activities for seniors to ensure joy and cheer fill their days:

Creative Activities:

  1. Wreath-making: Get crafty and create beautiful wreaths to adorn doors or windows. Use natural materials like pine cones, berries, and dried fruit for a rustic touch.
  2. Decorate stockings: Fill stockings with treats and small gifts, adding a personalized touch with hand-painted decorations or embroidery.
  3. Pomander crafting: Fill oranges with cloves for a fragrant and festive pomander, adding a touch of holiday aroma to their homes.
  4. Festive decorations: Make snowflakes, paper chains, or origami ornaments to decorate homes and add a personal touch to holiday cheer.
  5. Holiday card making: Send warm wishes to loved ones with handmade cards featuring unique designs and heartfelt messages.

Festive Experiences:

  1. Holiday stroll: Take a leisurely walk around the neighbourhood or a local park to admire festive decorations and soak in the holiday atmosphere.
  2. Holiday light show: Visit a local holiday light show or drive through a decorated neighbourhood to be mesmerised by the twinkling lights.
  3. Holiday concert or play: Attend a festive concert or play to immerse yourself in the music and magic of the season.
  4. Museum visit: Explore holiday-themed exhibits at museums or art galleries for cultural inspiration and artistic expression.

Cosy and Connecting Activities:

  1. Holiday movie marathon: Curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and watch classic holiday movies, creating cherished memories with loved ones.
  2. Board game nights: Gather friends and family for a fun-filled evening of board games and laughter, fostering connection and joy.
  3. Holiday baking: Bake delicious cookies, cakes, and other treats to share with loved ones or donate to local shelters.
  4. Gift exchanges: Organise a Secret Santa gift exchange with friends or family to add a fun element of surprise and joy.

Social Events:

  1. Senior centre gatherings: Attend festive events and activities organised by La Vie Care, creating new connections and enjoying social interaction, visit our Facebook page to see all upcoming events that are open to the public.
  2. Holiday Stokvel: Host a stokvel with friends and neighbours to share favourite holiday dishes and celebrate together.
  3. Volunteer opportunities: Give back to the community by volunteering at local shelters or organisations, spreading joy and making a difference.
  4. Holiday church services: Attend church services to celebrate the spiritual aspects of the holidays and connect with like-minded individuals.
  5. Host a recipe swap party: Throwing a Recipe Swap Party can be such a fun and creative way to celebrate with something everyone loves, FOOD! And not just any food, these parties are where those favourite family recipes come out, along with their “secret ingredients”, funny backstories, and precious memories of loved ones.


  • Adapt activities to individual needs: Consider physical limitations and choose activities that are safe for everyone.
  • Focus on inclusion and connection: Create an inclusive environment where seniors feel valued and engaged during the holiday season.
  • Spread the joy: Encourage seniors to share their talents and traditions with others, fostering a spirit of community and generosity.

By incorporating these festive activities, seniors can create lasting memories and enjoy the magic of the holidays to the fullest. Let’s spread joy and cheer to ensure a heartwarming holiday season for everyone!