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With our hectic schedules today, it can be hard to make enough time for loved ones. Father’s Day is a great opportunity to hit the pause button and spend a day appreciating dad. Whether you go out or stay in, it’s the time spent together that counts!


Important considerations

While dad might’ve enjoyed a weekend camping trip or a 30 km hike in his 30s, he has probably slowed down a bit in his golden years, so when planning a Father’s Day celebration, keep the following in mind:

Mobility issues – Going out is always fun, but if dad uses a walking aid, doesn’t move very fast, or gets tired quickly, opt for shorter trips or find places with lots of comfortable seating.

Cognitive limitations – Various forms of dementia can lead to confusion or forgetfulness, so avoid crowded spaces or activities that could leave dad feeling frustrated or unable to participate.


What to do for Father’s Day

The most important thing to consider when it comes to planning a Father’s Day surprise is dad. Consider his interests and what he would be comfortable with. If he doesn’t like crowds, keep the gathering small and stay in. Perhaps there’s an activity or sport he used to enjoy but, due to health or age related issues, he can no longer participate. Finding a way for him to enjoy favorite past times might be just the Father’s Day treat he needs.

For dads who like sports

  • Take dad to a match to see his favorite teams battle it out
  • If going out isn’t possible, get some snacks and watch the match together on TV

For dads who like arts and culture

  • Find a new art gallery, favorite museum, or live performance, like an orchestra, for a fun day out
  • Alternatively, make some popcorn and settle in for an afternoon of classic movies at home
  • If dad loves music, whip out a record or CD player and let dad relive some great memories by taking you through his favorites

Elderly Father

The great outdoors

  • Hiking may no longer be in the cards, so consider a walk through a local park or botanical garden followed by a picnic
  • If mobility allows, a trip to a zoo, aquarium, or a few hours fishing at dad’s favorite spot could make some great memories

For crafty dads

  • Dad may no longer be able to spend hours wood working or building model airplanes, but he might enjoy assembling a simpler kit, passing on some of his tricks to the next generation
  • With the near endless choices of media available, find a TV show, podcast or YouTube channel dedicated to dad’s favorite hobby

Braai master at work

  • Organize an afternoon braai with family and friends and allow dad to show off his skills
  • Add a twist by visiting a local craft brewer or two to pick up some craft beers for dad to sample
  • Even if dad can’t swing braai tongs the way he used to, an afternoon with loved ones, his favorite side dishes and, of course, desert, will make for a Father’s Day to remember

Take it slow

  • If dad can only manage an hour or two of company, make the most of the time you have. Play some favorite card games, make his favorite dish, or simply sit back and listen to the stories of his misspent youth, even if you’ve heard them all before.


Father’s Day doesn’t need to be a big affair. At the end of the day, what’s important is the time spent together and taking a moment to show dad just how much you appreciate him.