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Lynnmed Clinic - Sub-Acute & Rehabilitation

Lynnmed is a 21-bed medically complex rehabilitation focused on sub-acute rehabilitation healthcare services including orthopaedic, neurological, medically complex and ventilated patients. Hospital (also known as Step Down Clinics), with 6 Frail Care beds. The facility is registered with the BHF (Board of Healthcare Funders of Southern Africa – the organisation concerned with issuing practice numbers) and is inspected annually by the Gauteng Department of Health. Our practice number enables us to gain authorization for admission from your medical aid, resulting in payment by the medical aid. As a small facility, we provide personal nursing care, by our multi-disciplinary team with a sharp focus on medically complex care and rehabilitation.


La Vie Care offers a caring and controlled environment at all our facilities. Individual patients are treated and monitored according to personal needs.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Specialized care:
    • Specialized wound care
    • Social Worker on Demand
    • 24 HR Nursing Care
    • Respite care


  • Neuro Rehabilitation
    • Stroke & Trauma
    • Brain injury
    • Speech Therapy
    • Physiotherapy
    • Occupational Therapy


  • Orthopaedic Rehabilitation:
    • Joint Replacement
    • Post amputation Rehabilitation
    • Post MVA Rehabilitation
    • Cardio & Respiratory care


  • Recuperative & palliative care
    • Restorative care
    • Pain Management care
    • End of life / Terminal Care
    • IV Treatment
    • Trachea/Peg Feeding
    • Intravenous antibiotics

Palliative care at Lynnwood

Palliative care is an interdisciplinary medical caregiving approach aimed at optimizing the quality of life and mitigating suffering among people with serious, complex, and often terminal illnesses.

At Lynnmed our approach is to improve the quality of life of patients and their families who are facing problems with life-threatening illnesses. We focus on providing relief from the symptoms and stress of the illness through care, based on the needs of the patient, not on the patient’s prognosis.  Our care team communicates with all of your doctors so that everyone is on the same page.  We support the patient and their family every step of the way.

The caring attitude involves sensitivity, empathy, and compassion and demonstrates concern for the patient and good communication between all the health care professionals and family involved in a patient’s care.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Mornings 11:00 – 11:30                       Afternoon 15:30-16:00                       Evenings 18:00-19:00

Our visiting hours are designed to ensure that our patients have the necessary time for rest, recovery, and treatments. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in respecting our designated visiting hours. Thank you for supporting your loved ones on their path towards recovery.

  • 24/7 Nursing care by trained nurses and caregivers
  • A general practitioner who does ward rounds once a day
  • Physios, occupational- and speech therapists assisting with rehabilitation as motivated by the referring physician
  • Wound care Sister available if needed
  • 3 Meals a day with a small snack in the evening
  • The referring doctor sends a motivational letter to the administrative department (case managers) of the hospital
  • The letter is then sent to us, Lynnmed Clinic, where we directly call the medical aid for authorization
  • Once we receive confirmation of the authorization, we contact the hospital so that the transfer from the hospital to us can take place
  • The hospital will arrange for you to be transported by ambulance
  • The ambulance contacts us, Lynnmed Clinic, for confirmation that the medical aid had approved the authorization
  • Once approval has been completed, the ambulance will contact us and let us know when the transfer will take place
  • A thorough well-being assessment is done by the nursing staff and rehabilitation team
  • If possible, forms are filled in, otherwise we arrange for the family members to fill them in during their first visit
  • All medication and personal items are listed and stored away
  • Specific diets (due to medical reasons) are communicated to the kitchen 
  • Comfortable daywear for rehabilitation, nightwear, toiletries (toothbrush, hairbrush, soap, washcloth, etc. – just like your hospital bag
  • Progress WhatsApp messages will be sent to a family member and appointments with the consulting doctor, at Lynnmed, can be made between 07h30 and 08h00 via telephone
  • They can bring clean clothes, flowers and gifts and, if you ask for anything specific, we will notify them
  • That you as the patient, are in good hands. We undertake to send you home as soon as possible

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Facility Details

Sub-Acute & Rehabilitation Hospital and Frail Care 

Lynnwood Oord
315 The Hillside St

PO Box 75266
Lynnwood Ridge