Rehabilitation after Spine Surgery

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Spine surgery is a major undertaking and rehabilitation is important in helping patient’s get the most possible benefit from their surgery.

Essentially, rehabilitation can help patients recover from surgery as quickly and completely as possible.

Lynnmed Clinic ensures all of a patient’s needs are taken care of with a full multidisciplinary team to aid in the undergoing this rehabilitation process.

Occupational and Physiotherapist’s Roles

What is an Occupation (OT) and a Physiotherapist’s (PT) role in rehabilitation after spinal surgery?


  • Dressing and undressing practical sessions.
  • Shower sessions in order to ensure safety – Kitchen activities to resume meal preparation after an illness.
  • Exploring leisure time activities to improve quality of life – Participation in meaningful activities to improve motivation.
  • Group therapy sessions to simulate social interaction between the elderly.


  • Pain control modalities including ice and education on correction positions and movements.
  • Muscle facilitation of weakened muscles, as well as stabilisers that help protect the spine.
  • Exercise and gait re-education to improve endurance and safety.
  • Education regarding correct back care, return to activities such as driving, walking, and any other questions the patient may have.

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