La Vie Care

Lynnmed’s core business as a sub-acute is rehabilitation and health care.  Our patients are important to us and a major factor in healthcare is the food we serve to our patients.  After analysing our service delivery to our patients, we realized that we have to focus on our core business but still provide the best possible food service to our patients.  TJ Roots offers a superior food service as their core business and have the expertise that is needed to ensure our patients are taken care of from all possible service deliverables. We are excited to take our service to the next level with TJ Roots catering services.


TJ Roots has been awarded the privilege to be La Vie Care’s catering partner at Lynnmed Clinic. Our vision is to ensure each patient receives food fare at every meal that not only nourishes and energizes the patient but brings them back to the comfort of a little piece of home during their stay at Lynnmed Clinic. At TJ Roots we use only the best incoming ingredients with branded products like All Gold, Koo, Iwisa, Cape Herb & Spice and Henley Sauces. Through clean and modern cooking methodology bringing the patient food that is fresh, nutritious and delicious. With outstanding nursing care at La Vie Care and great meal times your time at Lynnmed Clinic will be comfortable through your recovery journey.