Frail Care deals with the care of persons who are in a weak or poor state of health due to old age or degenerative conditions or persons recuperating from surgery, physical trauma or medical treatment. A frail client/patient means a person of any age who is in need of twenty-four hour care either on a temporary or a permanent basis. Frail care is fundamental nursing care.

They are unable to perform activities of daily living, such as eating, personal hygiene and moving without assistance. These patients/residents are no longer able to look after themselves because of physical frailty or and/or mental incapacity.

La Vie Care offers Frail Care services at all of our facilities, namely: (1) Brentmed Frail Care in Benoni; (2) Elmed Frail Care in Eldoraigne; (3) Lynnmed Sub-Acute & Rehab Hospital and Frail Care in Lynnwood; (4) Northmed Frail Care in Randburg; (5) Oosmed Frail Care in Willows, (6) Waterkloof Marina Frail Care in Waterkloof Ridge; and (7) Waterkloof Marina Dementia Care in Waterkloof Ridge.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on how we could help.