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  • Untreated Pain in Dementia: Signs, Causes and Treatment

    Untreated Pain in Dementia: Signs, Causes and Treatment

    Memory loss and confusion are well-known symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease; however, many people also experience severe or chronic pain. Studies suggest that chronic pain can further accelerate cognitive decline, so it’s important to identify and treat pain in people suffering from dementia since they often have difficulty communicating that something is wrong and…

  • When family ages together

    When family ages together

    As the years paint silver streaks across our parents’ hair, and those playful sibling tiffs fade into distant memories, we find ourselves at a unique crossroads. We’re no longer just sons and daughters, but also children grappling with the changing needs of our parents and the complex dynamics of siblings navigating ageing together. It’s a…

  • Benefits of assisted living facilities

    Benefits of assisted living facilities

    Discover the advantages of choosing assisted living facilities for your elderly loved ones. Assisted living facilities provide enhanced safety and security measures to ensure the well-being of their residents. With trained staff available 24/7, seniors can feel secure knowing that help is always just a call away. These facilities are equipped with security systems, emergency…

  • Cost of Long-Term senior Care

    Cost of Long-Term senior Care

    Long term care options for seniors are becoming more expensive. But family caregivers still need help caring for their older adults. Understanding future care costs means that you can prepare for what’s coming and take action while things are relatively calm – before a health crisis or emergency. Even if the estimated costs turn out…