Depression and the elderly


The number of elderly people in the population is rapidly increasing throughout the developing world. This is due to satisfactory mental and physical health, enabling continued positive contributions to their families and to society. However, there have been changes to family…

Arthritis: A heavy burden to bear


The Johannesburg branch of the Arthritis Foundation of South Africa has had a mission to education and support for many years. It’s doing a sterling job and performing a much-needed service for the population affected by this…

Striking terror into the hears of men


A prostate cancer diagnosis need not be the beginning of the end. Sure, some lifestyle modifications will have to be made, but certainly this trial needn’t be the apocalyptic terror-ride that sometimes it is made out to be. 

what you eat can affect your eyesight


Medical News Today reports that major research conducted over two years has shown that a diet rich in red meat, fried foods, high fat diary, processed meats, and refined grains is detrimental for the heart and is coupled…

Good hydration in elderly is critical


Eating a good meal and being properly hydrated is essential for maintaining good health. But while there is increasing focus on tackling malnutrition and improving nutritional care, warning signs…

Tackling the 'Geriatric Giants'


Dr Greenstein and Dr Abraham, Geriatricians at the Helen Joseph Hospital in Johannesburg, have a passion and zeal for treating the elderly. Mix in a dollop of love for their speciality, and you have…

Startling new Alzheimer's test drug proved a winner in US


But, then gets withdrawn. A new Alzheimer’s test drug gets scrapped and then suddenly re-instated with astonishing results. Here’s why it got the much-needed green light…

Fighting the Good Fight: Stroke Survivor Series


What do you do when your whole life is ahead of you and, in an instant, it’s shattered? Your hopes and dreams lie like shards of glass around you. This is the start of a …

Heathwatch News


A study conducted in the US has challenged conventional medical dogma about heart care. The large study was presented at the American Heart Association…

Handy Heart Tips


Managing your heartbeat at home: 1. Manually check your heart rate (pulse). Put the tips of your first two fingers on your wrist, just below your thumb (palm up).

Exercise and the Brain: Nola Dippenaar Series


We are honoured to present an ongoing series of interviews with Professor Nola Dippenaar who is renowned as a local and international speaker on healthcare topics. 

Welcome to our bouncing baby!


There’s no baby here, but the website is brand new and will focus on the latest news for seniors and the elderly as far as healthcare is concerned.

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